Monday, April 23, 2012

Easy Zipper Nail Tutorial (swatches)

A Home Made Eye Conceler .(PHOTOS)

first of all take any foundation lotion and eye concealer stick you'll need 2 of them 1st one is in darker shade and 2nd one is in light shade .im using yardly (autumn glow 06) cover stick by maybeline(fair) and christine eye concealer (tan).

start this by take a foundation lotion in to a bolw make sure that fountation should not be that much thin like water the texture must be like coca butter .

Now take eye concealer in dark shade take about pea size piece .
Take a pea size piece of it
Take pea size piece of it .
This is cover stick in fair color take pea size piece of it also .

Now pour all the 3 things on a bowl and mix it unless all the things mix well
This part have conceler AND this part is without canceler

Now save it in an container for every day use . i hope it helpful for you :D


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